Moment - Adjustable Camera Neck Strap - Leather - Natural
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  • features "Moment Adjustable Leather Neck strap to carry your phone wristlet or big camera. Compatible with Moment Photo Cases Wallet Photo Cases and Battery Photo Cases." "Fully Adjustable - The neck is lined with microfiber and the 10-stop matte black buckles are easy to adjust for wearing cross-body. Wherever your free time takes you this strap can keep up. Choose your preferred length with a range of 37 inches to 44 inches." "Quick Release - We've completely reworked our quick attachment system so it's easier to use than ever. This strap is made for your phone and your big camera." "World's Best Leather - For more than 100 years American-made Horween leather has been known for their premium materials and unparalleled quality. Every piece of leather is handmade and one of a kind." "We backup our products with a 12 month warranty great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with free shipping and returns. Ask us how to get set up with a Moment gear guide."
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