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ویکالا · خرید  اصل اورجینال · خرید از آمازون · Cozmo wekala · ویکالا
  • features "Cozmo is a real-life robot like you've only seen in the movies and he's ready to be your loyal sidekick" "Challenge Cozmo to games or use Explorer Mode to see things from his perspective" "With a beginner-friendly interface Cozmo is the perfect educational robot for kids and adults to learn to creatively code" "Easier than you'd think and tougher than he looks this toy robot is tested for durability and security" "Cozmo by Anki requirements: a compatible iOS or Android device and the free Cozmo app" "Includes 1 Cozmo robot 3 Cubes and 1 charger (USB power adapter not included)"
1.22 Kg
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