Craftsman 50 pc Drill and Driving Bit Set
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  • features "EVERYTHING YOU NEED AT YOUR FINGERTIPS The CRAFTSMAN 50 PC DRILL AND DRIVING BIT SET has everything you need to get the job done with this versatile all in one kit." "KIT INCLUDES 18 pieces of 1-inch Driving Bits 7 pieces 2-inch Driving Bits 4 Nut Drivers 8 Black Oxide HSS Drill Bits 6 Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bits 6 Wood-Boring Brad Point Drill Bits 1 Magnetic Bit Holder" "SUPREME VERSATILITY It comes equipped with all the standard bits utilized in hundreds of household and general purpose projects." "SAVE ON SPACE AND ORGANIZATION The set comes with a durable compact carrying case a must for keeping all those bits from disappearing into some unseen corner of your garage."
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